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Responsible Lending Policy

We do not operate as a lending agency neither do we endorse or represent any lenders. Our main function is to provide access to reputable lenders and match our clients with the lenders offering a suitable loan product that they will choose in accordance with their online information form. We are working hard to make sure that all participating lenders in our network are trustworthy creditors operating in compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations and acting honestly and in good faith.

We realize that the process of short-term lending can sometimes look confusing, since it is subject to different regulations. Hence, our task is to supply our clients with all the required information on the topic so that they could find answers to most important questions regarding short-term loans in the USA. This paragraph contains the basic information on major acts, laws and regulations taken to ensure fair practices and prevent malpractice in the lending sector. In this regard, we call on you to carefully examine all the information submitted on How It Works, FAQ and Rates and Fees pages so that you could have a full picture of your credit options and be able to make a rational decision as a borrower.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

We encourage our lenders to operate in strict compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As we do not operate as a lender, we never make any effort of collecting a debt form a client. Nonetheless, our lenders are entitled to exhaust all legal means to collect money if your loan is not paid when due as they are guided by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Below are some major breaches:

  • Wrongdoings while collecting debt (harmful or abusing language or tactics)
  • Contacting debtors at the wrong tome (either before 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m. local time)
  • Applying false data or practicing deception to collect debt
  • Using threat, pressing charges or any legal action if it is unfounded.
In case any lender operation in our network is reported to have violated the above-mentioned guidelines, they will be removed without delay and immediately reported to law-enforcement bodies.

Fair Lending Act

The main objective of this act is to provide equal access to all consumers regardless of their age, gender or creed. The given act guarantees that not a single consumer is put at a disadvantage and all of them are entitled to get a credit if they meet all the necessary requirements, either financial or legal, of lenders. We call on all our clients, if they were discriminated against on the basis of the above-mentioned factors, to contact the Equal Opportunity and Fair Lending Office of your local Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Truth in Lending Act

This act was set up so that consumers could obtain all the information on getting payday loans and crediting in the written form before making any decision and signing a contract with a lender or refinancing a loan. All the lenders are obliged to present information concerning fees and rates, terms and conditions relating to loans before giving a credit to a consumer. Short-term lending regulations may differ in different states and creditors have to operate in compliance with these regulations. Should you have any more questions concerning your payday loan, you have to contact your lender.

State Regulations

In order to protect their consumers, some states have established their own short-term lending regulations. The aspects that individual states regulate are fees and interest rates, the maximum loan amount a client can borrow, the number of rollovers, etc. The basic information concerning the regulations in this or that state is available on our website, section [Rates and Fees], where we have provided the links to the governmental websites. All the comprehensive and up-to-date information on short-term regulations can be found there.

Material disclosure
This site does not operate as a lender and do not make any credit decisions at The main purpose of our website is to accept loan applications and then forward it to potential lenders. Lenders are solely accountable and responsible for loan transactions and their conformity with applicable USA regulations and laws.

In order to determine the level of your financial standing and creditworthiness participating lenders may carry out a credit check. There is no guarantee that every potential client will be matched with a lender neither there is a guarantee he or she will obtain a payday loan. The primary function of is to share the information you submit with third parties, members of lending institutions and third party lenders including.

Providing personal information through our site, a client agrees to its Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. The states whose residents are not entitled to payday loans are as follows: Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia. The list of states whose residents are eligible to apply to payday loans may change without prior notice.